An American magazine, I think Popular Photography, used to have an annual Christmas quiz, and one of the memorable questions was “what’s the difference between a painter and a photographer?”. The answer was the obvious one “two painters can get together without talking about brushes”. This is my “brushes” section. I’ll be looking at equipment. It might only be a means to an end, but it’s still needed to reach that end.

Brushes paints and oils

A (very) brief look at my working methods.

Large format photography

Hopefully, a lot of what you might want to know about the mechanics of large format photography.


A discussion of different types of camera but without mentioning DSLR v Mirrorless, as that difference is less important when it comes to the ease of use. It is unfortunate that modern digital cameras are very much a mono culture in terms of design. Menus may change, but the significant differences that exist between different types of film camera have been obliterated.