Dalby Forest


These two images came from a drive through Dalby Forest. There was convenient parking close by this water which made it easy to stop and photograph. These images show one of the great benefits of black and white – the absence of colour! In black and white, the impression is one of clarity and crispness, and irresistibly the water is assumed to be crystal clear. In real life, the water was only a few inches deep, and appeared to be brown rather than clear due to the close proximity of the muddy bottom. In colour, this would have been a record at best. By removing the extraneous and highly distracting element of colour, the forms and contrasts are allowed to come to the foreground.

It also serves to remind me that my mood at the time is a part of what I see and choose to photograph. A subsequent visit to the same spot with all the same elements there failed to excite me to make an exposure.

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  1. Good pair of images Stephen, you are right about black and white images, they always seem clear and sharper compared to colour images.

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