Large format cameras

In the section on some thoughts on cameras, I take a look at the different types of camera and how they can influence the way a photographer views the subject. For anyone whose idea that a large format camera looks something like this


it can come as a surprise to discover that large format cameras have been made in all the different varieties of camera types – even twin lens reflexes. A large format twin lens reflex cameras have been made (the 10×8″ model was about three feet tall, so probably not intended to hang around the photographer’s neck!). You can still buy new point and shoot large format cameras as well as the more expected designs with bellows. Second hand, you can get SLR designs and rangefinder cameras.

What does vary very much are the different facilities that they offer. And the saying that there’s no such thing as a perfect camera still applies – different approaches to camera design and manufacture result in some cameras being better for some applications than others.