1. Like the light in this image, almost expecting a ghost or mythical creature to appear. Charles

  2. That’s one of the really great advantages of black and white – within reason, you can almost create your own light by using filters. Red, orange or even yellow lighten the whatever-they-are-called on the tree to a much lighter, almost white shade; and at the same time can darken the green parts. Plus, skylight being bluish, shadows will be proportionality darkened, again pushing up contrast.

    Add in the simple fact that without colour, far more extreme tonal modifications can still look natural and you have great scope for personal interpretation.

    It’s relatively easy to find “before” and “after” versions of Ansel Adams’ “Moonrise over Hernandez” to see how much can be done. His “Examples: the making of 40 photographs” is probably well worth reading if only to see how “crooked” a “straight” photograph really is!

    I may put the “straight” version up for some of my images, although a lot are not vastly different.

    Again, thanks for looking and taking the time to leave a comment..

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